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Cinda is a visual artist and independant creative producer who grew up in Bayside Melbourne. She is a perpetual student, pursuing both formal and informal education to develop technical and academic skills.  She has founded and operated a cafe/bar/restaurant and two ARI Galleries. She is mum to 2 adult children and is rarely without her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Ruby.

Cinda has been a resident artist at Gasworks Arts Park since 2019, practicing hand built ceramics, also incorporating textiles, paper, metal and digital projection. Her narratives are philosophical, exploring concepts of temporality, permanence and impermanence, and the relationship of humanity to the earth. The construction of each ceramic piece is guided by the qualities of the material, the philosophies of Humanism and Wabi-sabi.

She is a founding member of Clay Matters  - a collective of environmental activist ceramicists. Cinda feels deeply about the climate crisis and is committed to communicating her position through her creative medium. In 2023 she undertook the City of Port Phillip's Environmental Leadership Program.

Cinda enjoys contributing to her community by using her initiative and has undertaken a number of projects as a Creative producer and Curator. 
In 2010 she worked with a team of colleagues from University to establish Space 22 Gallery in Ballarat, a local ARI that saw great success in supporting and connecting local artists with local audiences. 

In 2021 (during the C19 pandemic), she established Art at The Thomas Gallery on Fitzroy street, St Kilda with a couple of artist colleagues through the Renew Australia project.

Cinda is a member of Clay Matters, a group of ceramicist activists, and curated their first public exhibition last December at Slow Clay Centre, as well as Facts of Matter at Linden Project Space in Feb 2024.
She is a member of the Contemporary Sculpture Association and is actively participating on the Organising Committee for Yarra Sculpture Gallery.

B.A. Anthropology

B.A. Fine Art (Ceramics)
Graduate Diploma Museum Studies

Image credit: Nick Maneull

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In the 2020-21 Naarm/Melbourne covid 19 lockdowns, a small group of ceramicists united by a mutual concern over the climate crisis began meeting online to discuss how clay workers can act to explore and promote environmentally sustainable studio practice. 

This group is called Clay Matters. Please see the website for further information or join the Facebook group to participate in discussion..

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